As an oil painter and mixed media artist, it feels like I’ve been on a wonderful journey of discovery about myself and the world around me for over 20 years. I like to take overlooked or discarded objects, disparate ideas, unexpected forms and colors, then combine them into something unique and beautiful. I want to surprise myself and engage the viewer by tapping into something personal — a memory, a metaphysical question, a concern, or a hidden emotion. To see more of my work, go to Google Photos.

You are also invited to contact me for a visit to my studio

“Abstracts are tricky. They need to have a palette that is contextually relevant, and they need to be provocative (even somewhat mysterious) as they live and breathe over time. The artist is creating a new reality, and the viewer is being asked to enter that unexpected place. When it works, it’s magical. When it doesn’t, it just means it’s time to start over again, exploring new possibilities.”